What does it cost to sign up?

Nothing. Registration is absolutely FREE and you may make use of the tools in our back office to build your team until you decide to upgrade. Upgrading will allow you to participate in the compensation plan as well as allow access to the product line and additional back office tools.

What payment methods do you use?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express through our current payment processor of choice – AlertPay, as well as from their online customer accounts.

They have proven themselves time and time again with consistent support, improvements and security. With flexible funding options and with their multiple disbursement options they provide a very convenient service and their approach to business is fast making them the deFacto standard for payment processing in our industry.

Do I have to have An Alertpay account to upgrade?

No. You can make your payment using a credit or debit card through their service without signing up for an account.

But you will need one to withdraw your earnings. Instructions and a link for setting up your free Alertpay account are given in the back office.

What about Paypal?

We do not accept PayPal under any circumstances. Please do not ask to send us money by PayPal to upgrade you either or via any other method.

When do I get paid?

Our system is a real time system. Any commission payments are paid instantly into your back-office commission account as soon as a sale is made. Once your account balance is over $1.00 (One Dollar) you can enter a withdrawal request from your back-office which will be paid to you within 24 hours. We process payment requests DAILY – even on Sundays.

How do I get paid?

All withdrawals from your back-office commission account are made directly to your AlertPay account.

Can I register multiple accounts under my own name?

No. Multiple accounts for your own use are not permitted and if discovered will be closed and any earnings forfeited. You may if you wish open and manage an account for a family member or friend however you may be required to show proof that the account is for a real person.

I have just registered and its been some time now. I still havent received my verification email. Whats happened?

Some ISPs are very intolerant and may block our emails. For smooth operation we would recommend you sign up with and use Google’s gmail as we have found them to be the best by far.

Some emails to these providers dont go through, probably due to your junkmail settings, so please add us to your whitelist:

AOL, Hotmail, Livemail, Yahoo

You may also need to check your junk mail folders, or add us to any whitelists you may be using like BoxBe.

All accounts must be maintained in good standing or you may eventually be deleted or removed from your sponsor’s team if they feel you are neglecting your responsibilities.

What do I need to operate my TriDeci business?

A PC or laptop with an internet connection, preferably broadband. Please ensure you have the latest browser and email client installed.

We recommend you use Mozilla FireFox 3.6 or later, available as a free download from »HERE«

The system has also been tested and works perfectly with Google Chrome, Opera 10 and Internet Explorer 8.

Please also ensure your browser can accept ‘Cookies’ and that you have ‘Javascript’ enabled.

Do I have to spend a lot of time on this?

No. But you must also be able to allow some time every day to maintain and promote your business and to answer questions from your downline. This can be done in as little as 15 mins a day, but the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

Please take note that it is a duty of yours to support your downline and assist with building their teams just as it is the responsibility of your upline to assist you with yours. If you fail to discharge this duty and complaints are received, your account will be closed.